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Massive Employment/Recruitment Placement (MERP)

Category: Job Placement

Available slots: Limited slots available (Open to all qualified youths and graduates)

New Schedules (Deadline Extended):
Application Now Opens: March. 15th, 2017.
Early Application Deadline: April. 15th, 2017
Late Application Deadline: April. 30th, 2017.

Note: Application will be judged on first come first serve basis, so in order to be considered for the earlier job placement to fill the current vacant positions by April, 2017, please endeavor to fill the application form below before the early deadline to book or reserve a slot. Meanwhile late deadline applications will also be considered.

Programme Details: 

The Nigeria unemployment scenario is beyond what we can just sit back and watch it rise more than it were presently as it has hugely contributed negatively to the low GDP, Crime or violence, unproductive labour force, political instability and even the young school leavers of all categories are the worst hit. The grease of jobless youths belong to the major workforce of the economy but their efforts are being wasted as they seek for job endlessly without success.

Therefore, to intervene and address this challenge in a spatial dimension, Nicareer is here to proffer a sustainable solution that would effect the livelihood of young unemployed Nigerians by providing a massive employment Opportunity of up to 370,000 jobs that's already awaiting to be fixed on the summit date of this programme which will come up by May. 1st, 2017. Moreover, this programme is also bringing in an innovation that aimed at creating about 3,600,000 million job opportunities for unemployed youths and underemployed working class that are not satisfied with their current employment situation but are willing to maximise their impact and increase their income rigorously by participating in the virtual services and MERP freelance programme.

Qualification Required: 

All applicants must possess one or more of the following qualifications in order to be considered for this opportunity; MSC, Bsc/HND, ND, NCE holder. NYSC certificate. ICAN, ACCA, and other professional certificates would be an added advantage.

How to apply: 

All interested applicant should visit the link below now to apply and reserve a slot.

Apply Now

Note: All applications must be received on/before 30th of April, 2017. Only the shortlisted candidates will be reached.


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