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Welcome to Nicareer Initiative a place where young people thrive and make the best out of their potentials. This is an innovative network that is set to eradicate poverty and unemployment in the Nigeria economy through providing gainful job employment opportunities for youths and creating sustainable living for the masses. This programme is also designed to better the life of disadvantaged and underemployed youths so as to gain financial freedom and aid the realization of individual life goals.

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About Nicareer Initiatives


The NICAREER INITIATIVES is an acronym of a youth-led cause initiated by the National Institute of Career Development & Employment Creation Initiatives. This project is an innovative scheme that is set to take up the mandate of arresting the high level of "poverty and unemployment" in the Nigeria economy especially among young Nigerians suffering from relative or absolute poverty condition. The cause of this programme is of significance to all Nigerians living in both home and abroad through providing an employment opportunity or job placement offers for unemployed youths, organising a capacity building workshop for youths and professionals, creating an enabling platform for the less advantaged people so as to structurise a better living for everyone and also put an end to the cry of insecurity and crimes in the society.

About Us:

We are team of youth development specialist in the design of youth empowerment programmes, business development and community growth projects. We help people especially young people achieve their life goals through engaging in various youthful oriented activities, developmental projects, and sustainable development programmes. We operate in a diverse and creative manner to strategically effect lives positively under the flag of an innovative network titled "Nicareer Initiative".

The Nicareer Initiatives is an innovative movement led by youths, which is aimed at mobilising young people aged 15-35 years as leading force to combat with socio-economic vices in the urbarnizing world, by taking poverty and unemployment as area of focus. This programme is further designed to help youths develop civic interest towards national issues, boost organisational morale of young champs and help energetic youths actualise their employability goals in order to make them become job creators rather than being job seekers in their respective communities.

What We Do?

We are committed to making life better for everyone to live by focusing our interest on achieving a sustainable decrease in the estimate of unemployment rate in the Nigeria economy. Therefore in effort to achieve this goal, we mold our conceptual implementation on capacity building programmes, training workshops/seminars for youths, employment creation/job placements for unemployed graduates, global exchange programmes for African youths, freelance opportunities for the needful and bursary award for Nigerian students. 
In our work progress, we have engaged more than 100 young people with both boys and girls inclusive in leadership roles by offering brand ambassadorial opportunities to all qualified youth from different part of the country to represent the voice of the masses and proffer workable solutions to unemployment and poverty incidence in Nigeria. This youth ambassadors was meritoriously selected base on their driven passion for creating convenience for others through alleviating poverty and unemployment vices in the country. It's our foremost objective to achieve a laudable unemployment reduction and make the world a conducive environs for everyone to live.

How it works?

As the present administration keep clamouring for supports from both individuals and organizations that share the same goals of standing for the fight against corruption and other economical or social vices in the country, the Nicareer Initiatives is here to champion and support the Government change agendas vision as the team is currently in an ongoing process of creating a public-private partnership with the federal government authority by focusing on solving the problems of poverty and unemployment crisis in the country. This will bring about a solution harmony within the government and the people so that we can jointly work as one and fix a lasting solution to this critical problem that's battling with Nigerian in order to achieve a meaningful reduction in the poverty incidence.

The following are the five innovative programmes that have been put to practice in different stages of our exercise;

➤ Featured Programmes:

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NICAREER is the number one platform that provide answers to the cogent needs of the masses in order of priority, because it optimise a solution that aims to address one of the pressing problems that's facing the humanity in the developing world especially in Nigeria as a nation. This project as well avail opportunities for both the students, employed and unemployed youths to develop their professional career, become self empowered and gain an in-depth perception about workplace skills. Moreover, the distinct value about NICAREER compared to its peers is that it was proudly sponsored and supported by group of top professionals and experts in different arms of labour market which comprises both government agencies, academic/research institutions, international/local commissions, and various industrial firms which encompasses both the private and public sectors. This programme is mainly designed to create a massive employment opportunities for all Nigerian youths and also stipulate a better life opportunity for black people residing and working in abroad. 

The Good News about NICAREER?

We congratulate all the 200,000 selected applicants for the Npower programme and also It is a great delight to bring another good news to your notice that, you do not have to worry yourself over not being selected or being unemployed anymore, Nicareer has come with another opportunity to make your dream come true with her designated programmes which is designed to wipe away your tears and link you with the earliest opportunities that's readily within the reach to put an end to joblessness and cybercrime activities in our society. This programme aims to provide about 370,000 employment opportunities for unemployed Nigerians to occupy open workforces that are already awaiting to be filled by fall 2017 which is the official launching summit of this initiative. Also, this programme is bringing in an innovation that aimed at creating about 3,600,000 million job opportunities by the year 2027 for Nigeria unemployed youths through implementing an innovative solution that would address the unemployment challenges in the country in order to totally make our beloved country a poverty free nation.

How to benefit from Nicareer Programme?

Nicareer opportunity is open to everyone that possess the right skills and qualifications required for each of our empowerment programmes. Moreover its a must to ensure you have engaged in one of our innovative challenges such as E-Rally Innovative Challenge for a Batter Nigeria #June4Naija, The G-14 Alleviators Challenge and other ethic building programmes. Our judging process are user friendly and transparent to everyone as it's permitted for all participants to select up to three programmes of choice while applying for our empowerment programmes, out of those ones that are highlighted above.

Note: Applications are always judged on first come first serve basis, so in order to be considered for an earlier placement into the open or vacant opportunities at early stage, we would advice you endeavour to submit your application as early as possible before the early deadline of our publications in order to book or reserve a slot. Meanwhile late deadline applications are also considered on supplemental basis.

For Sponsorship or Adverts:

Please send us Feedback message by visiting our Contact Page to get in touch with us or reach out to us via our direct mobile or email contacts below;
Mobile/Whatsapp Number: +2348129489092

Also connect with us on our social media handles at;

Twitter: @Nicareer_Dev
Instagram: @Nicareer_Dev
Facebook: @Nicareer Initiatives
Linkedin: @Nicareer Initiatives
Google+: @Nicareer Development

 *Click the link below to apply for our empowerment programmes*


  1. This programme is of preference to young people aged 18 - 35 years as leading force to combat with socio-economic vices in the urbarnizing world, by taking poverty and unemployment as area of focus. Meanwhile other age brackets are also encouraged to apply if they merit the required terms. The Nicareer programme is open to all qualified applicant who has satisfied the required conditions stipulated for each of our programmes or project category.
  2. Nicareer is not promising any applicants an automatic job employment but is committed to reduce the mass suffering of unemployment among young people in our society so as to achieve a landmark goal in alleviating the poverty incidence
  3. The criteria for selecting successful applicants for our opportunities will be published publicly on the website, while the judging panel will scrutinize it selection base on the qualities and competency of each applicants in correlation with the objectives of the desired programme applied for in a polite, reasonable and reliable manner.
  4. Nicareer will only accept one application for each individual; multiple registrations per head will lead to automatic disqualification.
  5. We do not authorise or give permission to any agent, representative or third party to collect information's or request for money in order to help any applicant secure a slot for the job entry programme. Please beware of scammers that operate in such act.
  6. The Nicareer Initiatives reserves every right on all contents published on our website either by the management or by our youth ambassadors. Any form of plagiarism of our web contents or concepts without necessary permission will be severely dealt with and face proper justice.
  7. The Nicareer Initiatives reserves every right to reverse all promises made on each of our empowerment programmes if a given target are not equally met as expected or if the management feel dissatisfied in the short or long-run of task implementations. So by accepting to participate in any our programmes you affirm to comply with whatever the management pleases and abide by the authority final verdict.
Thank you for considering Nicareer Initiatives
Jointly we can build a better Nigeria.

God Bless Nicareer Initiatives
God Bless Nigeria.

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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Welcome to Nicareer Initiative, the number one platform that is committed to eradicating poverty and unemployment in the Nigeria economy. We provide gainful employment opportunities for unemployed youths across the nation and create a space for young people to thrive.

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