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Friday, September 29, 2017

Anticipating the E-voting Challenge for the Nigeria 57th Independence

Theme: New Nigeria or a Better Nigeria: Which Way Forward?

Tag line: "Making the Voice of Nigerians Count"

STARTING DATE: 1st of October, 2017
ENDING ON: 31st of October, 2017
Target: Nigerians World wide

Nicareer is at it again, celebrating Nigeria's 57th Independence day on the 1st of October, 2017!!!

It is a worldly known date that October 1st of every year is always a remarkable day for Nigerians to celebrate her dear nations freedom from the british colonies which was granted on this same date in the year 1960. Since then till date, what are the landmark achievement we can boldly point at as the dividends of democracy? We shall be assessing the value of governance in the country with respect to the masses views.

The argument for this year deliberation is, are we truly celebrating independence or dependence?

Find out more below to join the e-voting challenge;


Nicareer Initiatives in collaboration with Buhari for Change Volunteer Network and the Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA), hereby announce a call for participation in the 3-in-1 "E-Voting Challenge for the Nigeria 57th Independence" day which was titled "New Nigeria or a Better Nigeria: Which Way Forward?". 
Hash tag: #VoiceOfNaija.

This year independence day comes in a new dimension as it doesn't call for celebration alone but also demands for public debates over varieties of issues affecting the country growth presently especially the recent agitation trending in the country over restructuring or no restructuring. This issue is seriously alarming and it need to be treated as highly important as it has caused various argumentative debates over the media and several information networks. 
Haven't said that, this day should truly be a day of celebration whereby we celebrate our successes as a nation and not otherwise. But with the stings of recession and other socio-economy vices that's battling with the Nation can we boldly say we are economically buoyant to an extent that worth celebration?;

  1. When more than 69% of the country's total population are still living below $1 per day.
  2. When more than 30 states in Nigeria are not economically viable and can't survive without federal allocation.
  3. When corruption is being celebrated over good deeds, power is still overulling the law & misinterpreted for justice.
  4. When innocent Nigerian are still struggling to survive and yet couldn't afford to have 3 square meal per day.
  5. When the law only bite the poor and left the rich exclusive all because of influential capacity.

The question is are we truly practising democracy?

All this and more are what we shall be voting and debating on from the 1st day of October to 31st of October, 2017 to deliberate on how we can jointly achieve a positive turn-around for our dear nation and make it enjoyable for her citizens. Therefore, the chance is now open to all Nigerians to contribute their own quota to the nation building by casting their votes for the preferred governance model that best fit Nigeria as it were presently to structurize good governance and civic leadership in the country.  

Programme Description: 

The "E-voting Challenge for the Nigeria 57th Independence" day is a programme that's designed for all Nigerians to debate on how to drive the country economy forward and make Nigeria a greater nation through engaging in the interactive challenge which was tagged "Making the Voice of Nigerians Count". 
This year theme of the programme is titled "New Nigeria or a Better Nigeria: Which Way Forward?".
Some people are of the view that splitting the nation into smaller pieces will do this nation no benefits but cause us more harms, they further stressed that the solution to Nigeria problem lies in the present system of government if we can maintain a balance between what goes to the centre and what stays within the grassroot i.e a system whereby their will be power sharing and much power is being given to the people and not the government alone. While some individuals share the view of saying practising the parliamentary system of government is the best fitted answer Nigeria problem i.e splitting the nation into smaller pieces by segregating power to each geo political zones.
"Some part of the country are even agitating for their own liberty to stand as a nation, threatening to claim their freedom by force if not granted as requested"

Now the argument here is which way forward? Should we go for the "New Nigeria or a Better One"?

This are what we shall be addressing publicly on this debate as we would be engaging the massive Nigerian in an open dialogue to vote and suggest on workable methods that can be adopted by the federal Government to assert a stable economy growth and development. 

Aims & Objectives:

The Nicareer Initiatives in conjunction with Buhari for Change Volunteer Network and the ANA worldwide aims to champion this cause to support good governance and contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Nigeria by;
  • Mobilizing the general public especially the most vulnerable ones for a purpose driven movement to debate, deliberate and promote true federalism in the country
  • Dominating the internet with the voice of Nigerians over a variety of issues that are vital to the country's welfare in order to yield maximum economic benefits
  • Providing an interactive platform for all Nigerian to have a sense of belonging and enable them to be socially responsive.

Who Should Participate in this Challenge?

All patriotic and good citizen of Nigeria in both home and abroad are expected to participate in this e-voting challenge as everyone in one way or the other are suffering the stings of all this aforementioned problems. So we urge everybody all be part of this noble cause to  make Nigeria more easier to be governed for the interest of her citizens. Therefore, we challenge all Nigerians to accept it as individual responsibility to participate in this exercise as we all have a major role to play in making Nigeria great once again.

How To Participate?

To participate in this challenge;
Please check back on the 1st of October, 2017 which is the independent day of Nigeria.
While awaiting this, you can connect with us on our social media handles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+.

To do this, follow Nicareer Initiatives on:

The result of this poll exercise will be forwarded to the government authority and the federal government committee on true federalism for further process implementation and policy formulation.
We encourage everyone to commit their best to this challenge as it will serve as a chance to contribute to good governance in Nigeria. This will also provide the opportunity to be considered for our upcoming events and opportunities.
Thank you for contributing to true governance.

Don't ignore this challenge, Make your voice count
Little efforts can make the change, together we can build a greater Nigeria.

God Bless Nicareer Initiatives
God Bless Nigeria.

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1 comment:

  1. A better Nigeria is all we need and it is achievable if we can do some things and it includes:

    1) Bribery : Anywhere or any organisation you go to there is a form of bribery going on, even to get a job in Nigeria some had to bribe there way through. If bribery can be stopped we will have a better Nigeria.

    2) Corruption : Nigeria is the 10th most corrupt country in the world, that shows our level of corruption. Corruption in Nigeria has received the overdue attention it deserves, Although we have a body trying it best to curb corruption but the simple truth remains they are affiliated to most times the ruling party and this way they have limitations and the president of the country is the one that nominate the chairman of the agency and it has never been easy to bite the finger that fed someone. EFCC should be independent and Infact we as Nigerians should all be voting for the chairman. If corruption can be curbed we would have a better Nigeria.

    3) Accountability : Any leader that is not doing the right thing should be hold accountable, it is not this Nigeria form of accountability that some people will just tell us some figures and we all will believe. There should be a law whereby if a particular governor or president is not doing well we should be able to remove not minding the tenure of the person. Without accountability and holding our leaders responsible we can't move forward or have a better Nigeria.

    4) Lawlessness : we live in a lawless country, you can go scot-free with almost anything you do in this country as far as you have money and have connections. This should stop , everybody should be responsible for his or her action. If anyone does any wrong thing he or she should face the full wrath of the law. If lawlessness stop we would have a better Nigeria.

    5) Moral Values : In this our country there is complete break down of moral values. There is no sense of right and wrong that compels us to evaluate the impact of our actions on others. There need to be a sense of duty and compassion on the less privileged in Nigeria. It has often been said that the true spirit of any nation reflects on how they treat the poor and the less privileged. When we can uplift the poor and less privileged then we can have a better Nigeria.

    6) Politicians : The money our politicians cart away to foreign lands is just too much, let them use this money to build good hospitals, foundations, organisations even if there are going to be private firm no problem, atleast it will create employment opportunities for the youth and in that way, we will also be able to get or have good organisations in the country instead of using the money to better other people's country and life. Our politicians should do more in building infrastructure's for us, in that way we would have a better Nigeria.

    7) Transformation : I think having a better Nigeria is the best because all we need is transformation. As regards the transformation we need above 85% Nigerians to live a standard life's before we can be better. Each state also need to do there best in developing their state and generate internal revenue without waiting for Federal allocation. Once the standard of living is achieved, then, we are good to go(things will work out well with us in Nigeria).

    8) Favoritism : It just have to stop, we are all one Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. We should stop hating one another and let things work freely, we should not say this job is strictly for yoruba alone. There should be no form favoritism for your tribal man or kingsman, if it stop we can have a better Nigeria.

    Thanks, i think with these little points of mine, am able to back up my vote



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