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Monday, August 28, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

STARTING ON:28th of August, 2017
ENDED ON: 31st of August, 2017
TARGET AUDIENCE: Nigerians World wide

Call For Votes Validation:

Sequel to the 4th Week Update release on ""The G-14 Alleviators Challenge", the Nicareer Initiatives screening panel is hereby calling for validation of votes from all voters that have participated in the "Sponsorship Vote and Endorsement" poll. This votes validation call arise as a result of complains and aggitations we are receiving from the audience base on some irregularities and abnormalities that occur during the voting exercise. Hence to follow the true democratic process, we are introducing the open vote validation and social media campaign method to do the proper screening and inspection of each ambassadors votes in order to avoid doubts and guide against any partial impression.

The post chart of each ambassadors write-up performance as recorded valid by our statistical system monitor can be found below;

Activities Post Statistics:

The Above Are The Top Rated Posts Views From July 17th to August 16, 2017.

Graphical Display Of Posts:

The Above is the Graphical Display of the Post Statistics.
Poll Results:
  1. AMBASSADOR POPOOLA OLADAYO - The Emergence of Soil Revolution. Votes: 12327 (49%)
  2. AMBASSADOR ALAWIYE SULAIMON O. - Best Solution: Investment in Skill Acquisition and Vocational StudiesVotes: 9947 (40%)
  3. AMBASSADOR BELLO ABDULAZEEZ - Skills Acquisition: Poverty & Unemployment Reduction in Nigeria. Votes: 1113 (4%)
  4. AMBASSADOR CHUKWUKA PHILIP - Hunger: Hunger In Our Community. Votes: 380 (1%)
  5. AMBASSADOR BABALOLA ABIMBOLA - Entrepreneurship: A way to alleviate Poverty and reduce Unemployment in Nigeria. Votes: 311 (1%)
  6. AMBASSADOR ADESANYA DELE AKIN - Entrepreneurial Agriculture: A Panacea to Solving the Problem of Poverty and Youth unemployment In Nigeria. Votes: 229 (0%)
  7. AMBASSADOR DORCAS JESSICA: Youth Unemployment And Underemployment In Ibadan. Votes: 140 (0%)
  8. AMBASSADOR OLUYOMI JOHN TAIWO - "Nigeria Is Still A Virgin”. Votes: 119 (0%)
  9. AMBASSADOR ADENIYI BUKOLA - Solution to Unemployment And Poverty In Nigeria. Votes: 53 (0%)
  10. AMBASSADOR MOHAMMED - Poverty Reduction In Inye, Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State. Votes: 50 (0%)
  11. AMBASSADOR OWODUNNI AMINAT: Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment In The Nigerian Economy. Votes:  41 (0%)
  12. AMBASSADOR AKOREDE KALEJAIYE - Introduction to Research Development in Nigeria: A solution for Sustainable National Development. Votes: 18 (0%)
  13. AMBASSADOR AYANFEOLUWA ABIKOYE - Innovative Strategies On Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment In The Nigeria Economy. Votes: 17 (0%)
  14. AMBASSADOR OLOFINSAO TOSIN - Agribusiness: A Pathway to Poverty Alleviation. Votes: 6 (0%)
Sum total of votes so far: 24751
Days left to vote: 0

The above stated are the results of votes dated between the days of Sun. 16th of July to Tue. 15th of Aug, 2017.

Note: The final winner has not been declared yet as the above results doesn't guarantee any contestant the winning position but only represent the voting statistics of the challenge so far.

Therefore, having a close look at the above statistical report, it was clearly observed that most voters do not actually read the write ups to know what the content is all about before going ahead to cast their votes. Moreover, most individuals that participated in the poll exercise voted multiple times which on a very serious note shade the aims and objectives of this challenge. We also detected that some participants are making use of cyberware tricks to inflate and manipulate the poll activities in which is against the management ethics.

In this wise, to ensure good justice and rectify this errors the below are the votes validation procedures;

STEP 1 (Mandatory):

Take time to go through each ambassador publication links to discover which of them truly deserve the winning position;

To do this: Click the write-up links above or
Click here to get more details...

STEP II (Mandatory):

After completing step 1 above add a comments in just few lines of sentence to affirm you read and back-up your candidate. Also ensure you input your number on the comment list, for instance if you are the first person to comment you put number 1 and if otherwise put the number you fall in.

For example: copy and paste the following

"The G-14 Alleviators Challenge"
For A Better Nigeria
I Stand With "Ambassador Name - Topic"
Number 1

STEP III (Mandatory):

Visit this link and repeat step II above.

Also Do The Same on;

STEP IV (Optional):

Share your preferred alleviators link on your social media handles with your friends & family.

Note: Anonymous comment will not be counted as valid, so try and comment with your name to prove you are not a robot. Only one comment per person is allowed, any act of multiple comments by individuals may leads to automatic disqualification of the candidate.

Please strictly adhere to this for the benefit of justice.

The validation process will last for only 3-days between 28th of August till 31st of August, 2017. So to prove the authenticity of the poll results, It's mandatory for all ambassadors to ensure that the number of individual comments on their write-ups tallies with the total number of votes that reflect on the poll result otherwise the management will nullify the poll result and use other measures to select the winners. 

Thank you for being part of this innovative challenge. We salute you all for your courage and effort.

It is our believe that, with your collective efforts, we will surely take Nigeria to a greater height.

God Bless Nicareer Initiatives
God Bless Nigeria.

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development


  1. God bless Nicareer Initiative
    God bless Nigeria

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hello Mr Anonymous,

      Please don't try to raise any negative alarm about us thinking you will attract more voices here. You need to understand the system we are running on this platform and adapt with the due process. This initiative was mainly enshrined to achieve positive change and developments in the life of our Youths.

      We understand the kind of audience we are managing on this platform and don't also forget this is a Nigerian youth-led organization. The Nicareer Initiative team will never accommodate any act of disruptive or foul comments from any individual whatsoever.

      So please rest your self greed criticism and get along with the event terms and conditions.


      Nicareer Initiative Team.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I Stand With "Ambassador Name Chukwuka Philip- Topic"Hunger in our community''
    Number :In alleviating poverty in Nigeria,it will be of a great importance to ensuring that people thinking aligned with the vision of the leader hence,providing food for the masses.Why do you think we have Action against hunger? Ambassador Chukwuka Philip deserve the winner of the contest in all ramifications.Hunger is not only affecting the jobless but also the underemployed who seems to be working but could not afford to eat three square meal a day.The cost of food stuffs are on the high side.Thank you.

  6. I stand with Ambassador Chukwuka Philip
    Topic :Hunger in our community.
    There is need for us to solve this vice of hunger in Nigeria.

  7. I Stand With "Ambassador Chukwuka Philip
    Topic" Hunger in our community
    Having gone through his article what hunger really mean,its consequences/effects of the said hunger then every Nigerian who have sympathy and feelings for the needy will buy into his idea.

  8. I stand with Ambassador Chukwuka Philip
    Topic ;Hunger in our community
    His article really make sense.Having food and raiment we have to be content.

  9. I stand with Ambassador Chukwuka Philip
    Topic: Hunger in our community.
    Chkukwuka Philip all the way.

  10. I stand with Ambassador Chukwuka Philip
    Topic; Hunger in our community.I love his idea.

  11. I stand with Ambassador Chukwuka Philip
    Topic Hunger in our community. He really has human feelings to have chosen this topic.He is caring.




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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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