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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

Category: Unemployment Rate
Topic: Youth Unemployment and Underemployment in Ibadan.
Focus Area/Coverage: Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.


Ambassador Jessica Dorcas

Introduction: "Youth unemployment and under employment has eating deep into the heart of the city, turning youths who are the leaders of tomorrow to nuisance."


Ibadan is the capital of oyo state and the most populous city in the state with a population of over is the country’s largest city by geographical area and the second most populous in Africa after Cairo. The principal inhabitants of the city are the Yoruba’s, as well as various communities from other parts of the country. 
The city is a major center for trade in cassava, cocoa, cotton, timber and palm oil. The main economic activities engaged in by the Ibadan populace include agriculture, trade, public service employment, factory work, and service sector/tertiary production among others.



Unemployment is defined by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) as people who do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the past four weeks, and are currently available for work, also, people who were temporarily laid off and were waiting to be called back to that job.
Unemployment is one of the major factors militating against the growth and development of youths in Ibadan. It is due to this factor that many youth now venture into illegal activities like kidnapping, robbery, fraud, among others. An idle hand they say is the devil’s work shop.


Underemployment is when one takes job that is not sufficient in some important way or relative to a standard. In the community today, we see graduates with good results who work as a taxi driver; some do involuntary part-time work among others which cannot effectively feed them not to talk of feeding their family. These and other factors amount to the high rate of poverty in the state and the country at large.


I will like to cease this opportunity to appreciate the government of the day for the various efforts put in place to reduce unemployment and enhance youth development like n-power programme among others.
The rate of unemployment in the community will drastically reduce if the government and other able bodies can make more provision of employment opportunities like the one previously mentioned. This will better the life of youths and gradually reducing the rate of crime in the community.
Further more, qualified personnel should be given opportunity to hold post they were trained for to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of man power there by reducing the rate of underemployment.   
However, workshops should be made available to youths where they can learn hand work and materials also should be made available for them at the completion of the  training to have something to start with because, many may not have enough startup capital.
More so, provisions should be made with regards to agriculture. Youths should be encouraged to go back to farming by making
available machines, fertilizer and other farm implements to improve and increase productivity.  


Conclusively, the government and other able bodied men in the community should always have the interest of youths at heart because; they are our tomorrow’s leader. If we keep losing our youths to crimes, drinking, smoking, robbery and the likes, what will be the future and hope of the community and the country at large? Our government should weak up to their responsibility to the citizenry now before things get out of hand. Prevention they say is better than cure.

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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