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Sunday, July 23, 2017

WEEKLY UPDATES ON: The G-14 Alleviators Challenge (Season 1)

Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

STARTED SINCE: 16th of July, 2017
ENDING ON: 15th of August, 2017
TARGET AUDIENCE: Nigerians World wide

Week Three Update:

Finally we are rounding up the season 1 of the alleviators challenge, having completing the 3rd week of the exercise more than 12,000 Nigerians was recorded as those that have engaged in the ongoing voting exercise, the Nicareer Initiatives is glad to present the breakdown statistics for the third week of "The G-14 Alleviators Challenge" to the public notice. This challenge has immensely contributed to the nation building as it has engaged upto 14 selected alleviators often regarded as Nicareer Ambassadors from different part of the country to represent the public voices by proffering solutions to various challenges facing the humanity in the developing world especially in Nigeria as a nation.

Hence in proceeding to the 4th week which is the last week of the innovative challenge the following are the latest updates on the voting exercise so far, therefore check below to view the voting outcome in order of descendants;

  1. AMBASSADOR POPOOLA OLADAYO - The Emergence of Soil Revolution. Votes: 4977 (40%)
  2. AMBASSADOR ALAWIYE SULAIMON O. - Best Solution: Investment in Skill Acquisition and Vocational StudiesVotes: 4966 (40%)
  3. AMBASSADOR BELLO ABDULAZEEZ - Skills Acquisition: Poverty & Unemployment Reduction in Nigeria. Votes: 1099 (8%)
  4. AMBASSADOR CHUKWUKA PHILIP - Hunger: Hunger In Our Community. Votes: 314 (2%)
  5. AMBASSADOR BABALOLA ABIMBOLA - Entrepreneurship: A way to alleviate Poverty and reduce Unemployment in Nigeria. Votes: 311 (2%)
  6. AMBASSADOR ADESANYA DELE AKIN - Entrepreneurial Agriculture: A Panacea to Solving the Problem of Poverty and Youth unemployment In Nigeria. Votes: 227 (1%)
  7. AMBASSADOR OLUYOMI JOHN TAIWO - "Nigeria Is Still A Virgin”. Votes: 113 (0%)
  8. AMBASSADOR DORCAS JESSICA: Youth Unemployment And Underemployment In Ibadan. Votes: 101 (0%)
  9. AMBASSADOR ADENIYI BUKOLA - Solution to Unemployment And Poverty In Nigeria. Votes: 50 (0%)
  10. AMBASSADOR MOHAMMED - Poverty Reduction In Inye, Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State. Votes: 46 (0%)
  11. AMBASSADOR OWODUNNI AMINAT: Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment In The Nigerian Economy. Votes: 38 (0%)
  12. AMBASSADOR AKOREDE KALEJAIYE - Introduction to Research Development in Nigeria: A solution for Sustainable National Development. Votes: 18 (0%)
  13. AMBASSADOR AYANFEOLUWA ABIKOYE - Innovative Strategies On Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment In The Nigeria Economy. Votes: 17 (0%)
  14. AMBASSADOR OLOFINSAO TOSIN - Agribusiness: A Pathway to Poverty Alleviation. Votes: 5 (0%)
Sum total of votes so far: 12282
Days left to vote: 9

The above stated are the results of votes dated between the days of Sun. 30th of July to Sat. 5th of July, 2017.

New Updates On Voting Procedure 

To engage in the voting exercise, the best way to sell your candidate of choice is by being fully supportive and rendering your maximum assistants to the respective ambassador. So creating awareness for your preferred Alleviators is one of the most significant tools you can use to sponsor and promote your candidates,
therefore to endorse & sponsor your preferred candidate kindly follow the following steps;

STEP 1: 

Take time to go through each ambassador publication links to discover which of them truly deserve your vote;

To do this: Click here for more details...


After completing step 1 above proceed to cast your vote for the rightful participants;

Click here to vote for your preferred Ambassador or Alleviator 

You can also add a comments in just a line sentence to back-up your candidate.


Recommend your candidate of choice to as many people as you can by persuading them to also render their supports accordingly;
For Instance:-
Sharing a message like this on your social media handles:

I have the privilege to present to you the most innovative Alleviators that has the best solution to poverty and unemployment crisis in the Nigeria economy". I would be highly glad to have you cast your vote for "Ambassador Name - Topic"
To participate kindly visit:
Also ensure you share this post with others to participate in this innovative challenge.
Thank You !!!

Also connect with us on;

Twitter: @Nicareer_Dev
Instagram: @Nicareer_Dev
Facebook: @Nicareer Initiatives
Linkedin: @Nicareer Initiatives
Google+: Nicareer Development

You can also be an alleviator and be part of the season 2 challenge;
Drop your email below to keep in touch with us and get more updates on our upcoming events and opportunities. 

Thank you for considering Nicareer Initiatives
Jointly we can build a better Nigeria.

God Bless Nicareer Initiatives
God Bless Nigeria.

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Powered By:

#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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