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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

Category: Agriculture in General
Topic: Solution to Poverty and Unemployment in Nigeria
Focus/Coverage: Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.


Ambassador Adeniyi Bukola


As an Ambassador of Nicareer initiative I suggest Agriculture as one as the solutions that can make Nigeria better and this solution can be applied in my community Sango Ota by government.
There are many hectres of Land Lying fallow in Sango- Ota Owned by the Government and individuals. All these lands can be utilized by individuals and government which will really reduce high level of poverty and unemployment.
When these lands are cultivated, Man power will be required and this will reduce unemployment and there will be enough food for the people of Sango-Ota to eat making life better for everyone in this community.

Statement of the Challenges:

There is a say in Yoruba that “once hunger is settled, poverty is gradually resolving”.
Hunger and unemployment are the major pressing problem facing the people of Sango-Ota resulting to  high mortality rate and robbery.

Recommended Solution:

The only answer to these vices is empowering the youth with money for agriculture. This will really benefit both government and the people of Sango-Ota. There will be security of life and property.
Animal husbandry should be highly looked into by the government to reduce importation of frozen foods with chemical that are harmful to the health. If youth in Sango-Ota are empowered to rear animals like turkey, chicken, goat and the likes, importation of frozen foods will reduce and Sango people will consume more of the animals produced by youth the  community. 


Finally, I hope my suggestion of agriculture is the best solution that will make Nigeria better and also reduce the high level of poverty and unemployment in Sango-Ota.

Kindly endorse, make contributions below this publication and share.
Thank you for making life better for Naija.   

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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