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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

Category: Poverty Reduction
TopicPoverty Reduction in Inye, Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State
Focus Area/Coverage: Inye, Kogi State, Nigeria


Ambassador Muhammed

About Me:

I have been offered this job of ambassador by Nicareer with view to solving problems of poverty in Nigeria  especially in the rural communities, through the combination of valid ideas and suggetions. I hope it will be nice working with this organization because from their little efforts we have seen under the #June4Naija e-rally so far ,better things are coming ahead.


According to English dictionary,poverty is a state of being poor or lack of means of subsistence.ln other words,it is general scarcity or state of one who  lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money.It is a multifaceted concept, which includes,social, economic ,and political elements.This is a serious problem that has caused and still causing further problems in Nigeria today.The problem caused by poverty can be perceived both in the urban and rural communities. A lot of young men and women have graduated from different institutions of higher learning only to see no job as a means of their living hence,the need to engage in any means possible to survive, no matter the consequence, either negative or positive. All the challenges facing Nigeria today take their roots from poverty when carefully studied.For examples, Book haram, herdsmen killing, kidnapping, cyber crimes, street begging, thuggery ,and other social vices we may think of.In view of this ,it is high time the governmental and non governmental bodies jointly find a lasting solution to the problem of poverty before it’s resultant effects consume all of us.
There is no village you go in Nigeria today that you will not see one Agricultural product being produced in abundant quantity. In this regard, I will suggest that Nigerian government should as a matter of urgency ,establish industries in the rural areas. 

Area of Study:

Ankpa is a local government in the Eastern part of kogi state which covers a land area of 1,200 kilometer square, with total population of 267,353 according to 2006 population census.
 Let’s take Inye in Ankpa Local government Area of Kogi State as a case study.
Inye is one of the communities under Ankpa local government. It has a population estimate of over 30,000.Farming is the predominant occupation of the people of Inye. The people of this area are great tomato farmers. They specialize in tomato production. In fact, every average farmer can harvest five hundred baskets of tomatoes within every five days. The problem they face in this area is processing and storage. But because there is no means of processing and storage,large volumes of their farm produce, not only tomatoes ,including other farm products has been wasted over the years. It is on this note that I suggest the following as a means of reducing poverty in my rural community including other areas around my local government and Nigeria at large.


Federal government should embark on industrial expansion to the rural communities that will help both the literate and illiterate class to be gainfully employed to alleviate the suffering of the masses especially in the rural communities,instead of concentrating industries in the urban areas. Consequently, the living standard of youths will improve,rural farmers will no longer waste their farm products,food will be available in abundant quantity and quality for the consumption of the masses ,and ultimately, high rate of crimes will be reduced to the nearest minimum.

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