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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

Category: General
Topic: "Nigeria Is Still A Virgin”
Focus Area/Coverage: Nigeria in General


Ambassador Oluyomi John Taiwo
PHONE NO: +2348169249452

“ The greatest discovery of this generation is that human being can alter their lives by altering the attitude of their mind”. The country in which we lived is not primarily determined by outward conditions and circumstances but by the taught that habitually  occupy  our mind” Oluyomi John.


Oluyomi John Taiwo is a self motivated youth and a promising young dude, an intra-prenuer with a positive attitude and excellent organisational skills, excellent interpersonal and good communication skills.
 He is a prolific writer with different works yet unpublished. A graduate of aquaculture and fisheries management from FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE, ABEOKUTA (FUNAAB) and CEO, AQUAYOMI FARMS, a farm that is committed to a mission to bridge the gap of fish shortage in Nigeria by specialising in fish farming business, Agro-allied and consultancy services.
He is a member of Fisheries Society of Nigeria,(FISON), member of Young African Leadership Initiative , (YALI NETWORK). A Holder Of Many Certificate Which Includes: strategy for personal growth development, Fundamental of Starting and Running a Business and Understanding Human Right all by YALI NETWORK. He is a Google certified digital marketer & has other certificates in internet basics by SIIT, India.
He is a volunteer and passionate about volunteering offer because he believes in affecting young generation (Youth) to become a better citizen. He believes in personal development & leadership.
He is currently working on a book titled “NIGARIA IS STILL A VIRGIN” a book that reveals the future of Nigeria.
He is a ROI Africa GLOBAL YOUTH AMBASSADOR FELLOW AND COMMUNITY/YOUTH AMBASSADOR FELLOW of Nicareer Initiative – An initiative committed to alleviating poverty and unemployment in Nigeria.
John is promising and open to learning and takes interest in United Nations (UN), Sustainably Development Goals (SDGs), therefore his favourite word is “No sustainability without integrity for sustainability is the conservation of integrity”.


Nigeria is a country that is largely blessed and endowed with good and wonderful things. The country is wonderful in terms of fertility, geographical terrifices, the wonderful tribes with different cultures and languages, Numerous natural and minerals resources is inexplicably great.
Nigeria, the giant of Africa with over one hundred and eighty million great people and wonderful citizens. Indeed , Nigeria is so blessed and rich. The country is so rich and fertile that there is no single good seed that can not germinate in the land without any suppliment or even fertilizer. The land is enriched by God with nutrients to support the growth of seed of any kind.
Naturally, the green land (Nigeria) supports every good ideas that is being dropped on it for proper and maximum production and yield. The land support the growth of any food crop- tubers, grains, stems, fruits to mention but few. Not only that but also improves the quality and quantity of the seeds, (ideas) guarantees maximum yield and fortity them with good taste. Indeed it’s a good land.
Nigeria is well located geographically by God in the heart of Africa to suite the purpose of its creation. Everything about the country is wonderfully set in place. The weather condition if compared with other parts of the world is favourably okay. The humidity and the rainfall are amazingly perfect. But disappointedly, there are many things that are wrong in the country - the leadership and corruption, the youths and lack of vision and dreams, the government and lack of transparency, Bokko harams, wars and insulgences.
Lots of hardship and poverty, unemployment rate is on the high side, crises, missmanagement of public funds and uncare for the masses. luckily there is hope rising in the air for Nigerians that, if we can collectively join hands together to make Nigeria great again, to explore the many under exploited areas in Nigeria, we will know that It is indeed “still a virgin land of opportunities.
“ You can not think poor and suddenly become rich” meaning you are what you think you are. It is time we stop telling stories – therefore, let’s change our orientations  and start seeing another world of our own. I want to make you understand  that as  Nigerians, we have another life waiting for us in another world of  New Nigeria that is to emerge.
Like a man I am resolved to impact this generation that  I can but never , not even for a moment do I doubt that to take you back to the right track is a fruitful undertaking.
I believe if you have it in mind and do agree with me, we can change Nigeria for better not minding what is presently happening. Nigeria is for a change,  a change we deserved as Nigerians, a change for better future, a hope of today, expectation of tomorrow,  and  a reason for the future.  I can see new things bright and shining, hopes rising in Nigeria.
Don’t passively accept unsatisfactory circumstances but form a picture in your mind of circumstances as they should be . Hold that picture, develop it firmly  in details, believe in it, work at it and it can be actualized according to that mental picture / image emphasized in your positure thinking. Vincent pearl – “power of positive thinking”. It is time for our leaders to realise that , it is a vain attept and a futile effort trying to change Nigeria as a country. They should rather change their mindsets, thoughts and reasonings. Stop being pessimistic and start thinking rightly  and positively, forming another brighter picture of the New Nigeria in our minds. All that is needed and required is mentally picturizing the New Nigeria in our minds.
“ I have come to realise that the greatest thing in this world is not so much in where we are, but in what direction we are moving towards” “ the greatest achievement in the history of mankind is not in accummulating the material things but in the numbers of men/lives impacted and affected”.Oluyomi John.


Success is not in the number of material things you can acquire but in the number of lives you can positively impact. “There can’t be a success without a successor. The power of  youths must not and can not be overemphasized.
Let us consider the following questions about the state of youths in Nation building.
In what sense have the youth been integrated into National decision making process?
How many political parties in Nigeria have a youth wing that contributes to internal party policy.
How many civil society groups are committed to youth development beyond the mere lips service to their significance?
How many religions organizations, for that matter took to the spiritual rejuvenation of the youth beyond the mere number that attends the church or the mosque.
How many organisations are dedicated to youth empowerment in Nigeria.
Do we still have an active student movement that would challenge National injustices and political errors?
It therefore becomes obvious that our inability to respect the youths as an inevitable component of National Development derives ultimately from our lack of diligence about making the constitution an enabling document that allows the youths several avenues for participation.
I believe we can all build and develop our dear Nation together by building and developing the youths to men of imagination, men who can identify their individulity, men who can discover their essence and maximize their potentials, men who can stand for, and are ready to die for what they believe, men who will never compromise their values, morals, convictions and standards in moment of challenges, men who can distinquish themselves in a world where individual identity is submerged by exceeding conformity, men whose wisdom is as a result of painstaking experiences of life, men who never allow the myraids of vanity of life to eclipse the God’s given purpose for their Nation.
Let’s train the youths to be men who desire to change the situation and statu-quo, men who desire to leave the world better than they met it. Men of high standards and values. I hope that by building youths of right mind and values, it is undoubtedly a receipt for greatness, fulfilment and unprecendented accomplishment which will take the Nation to the highest level.
Let’s involve the youths in the governace and policy making processes and teach the youths of this Nation to be the best they can be, to be a person who can not be bought and bribed. To be men whose word is their bound, the ones who put character and values above wealth and sudden riches, men who possess opinion and a will, men who do not hesitate to take chances and risks, teach them to be one who will not lose their individuality to the crowd, to be men who will be honest and just in small things as in great things, men who will not make compromise with the wrong thing, to be men whose ambitions are not confused in their own selfish desires, men who will not say they do it because everyone else does it.
Teach the youths to be men who is not afraid to stand for the truth when it is unpopular teach them to be men who can say “NO” with emphasis although the rest of the world says “YES. Tell them and teach them that despite that all men are not just and true, we shouldn’t also forget that for every scondrel, there is a hero and for every selfish politicians, there is a dedicated leaders in them. Teach them to be dedicated and be just in whatever they do.
To build the youths to build the Nation, you need to teach them to be teachable, train them to be professionals in their respective career, employ them to gain experience, empower them to practice it and gradually, the Nation will be built in no time.
What is essentially needed at this time is “programme of action” that will translate ideas into reality of making the youth a driving force in Nation building. The one that will create an enabling environment and the right opportunities for youths to express themselves in various capacities “we can’t think negatively about the youths of this Nation and suddenly set in motion the power of positive results”. It is time to work together, pray together and plan together to make the lives of the youths better by creating employment opportunity for them give them necessary training to fortify and prepare them for the challenge ahead of them because they are the future of this great Nation.


Everybody has a role to play here. Let the private sector and international donors pursue integrated, most comprehensive policies and strategies that create employment opportunities for young people and improve the transition between school and work.
Some of the policies may include labour standard and social protection for youth – like acceptable wages and work conditions and program that target specific youth population to boost their skill and employability.
Decision makers and government needs to listen to the voices of young people and allow opportunity for dialogue.                    
In conclusion, Let the government collectively with other NGOs together to see to programmes that help the youths develop their skills and expertize making them a world champions.

There can’t be a better time to act than Now. Together we can make Nigeria better once again.

Indeed Nigeria is still a virgin land of opportunity.  

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  1. This is a very good write-up that shows hope for our nation. God bless Nigeria as we #StandWith9ja

  2. This is awesome!!!

  3. This should win the best write up in this challenge...after mine of course. Lol. I salute your meticulous brilliant piece.

  4. Nigeria is still a virgin should win the best write up in this challenge because of the meticulous brilliant master piece.



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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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