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Monday, July 10, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

STARTING DATE: 16th of July, 2017
ENDING ON: 15th of August, 2017
TARGET AUDIENCE: Nigerians World wide


Being the outcome of the just concluded "E-Rally Innovative Challenge for a Better Nigeria" #June4Naija. The Nicareer Initiatives is proceeding to the next phase of the exercise which was titled "The G-14 Alleviators Challenge" (Season 1). This programme is powerfully designed to tow the path of #June4Naija innovative challenge as a result of mobilising young people aged 15-35 years as leading force to combat with socio-economic vices in the country through taking one of the socio-economic problems facing the country as a case study themed
"Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy".

About the Challenge:

In continuation of the #June4Naija Innovative Challenge, this programme is tagged "Building Youth Ambassadors" and as well "Making Life Better For All Nigerians". This programme is also adopted to engage14 selected alleviators often regarded as Nicareer Ambassadors from different part of the country to represent the public voices by proffering solutions to various challenges facing the humanity in the developing world especially in Nigeria as a nation.
This challenge will provide opportunity for the most innovative Alleviators to bag home a start-up loan of up to N200,000 to kick-start their ideas in alleviating poverty and unemployment in the Nigeria economy.

The best performing Alleviators with the top positions will receive;

1st Position: N200,000 + other incentives package
2nd Position: N100,000 + other incentives package
3rd Position: N50,000 + other incentives package
Other ambassadors will also be entitled to some bonus packages and have access to other incentive packages.

The following are the list of selected Alleviators/Nicareer Ambassador and their area of interest;
  1. AMBASSADOR ADENIYI BUKOLA - Solution to Unemployment And Poverty In Nigeria
  2. AMBASSADOR ADESANYA DELE AKIN - Entrepreneurial Agriculture: A Panacea to Solving the Problem of Poverty and Youth unemployment In Nigeria
  3. AMBASSADOR AKOREDE KALEJAIYE - Introduction to Research Development in Nigeria: A solution for Sustainable National Development
  4. AMBASSADOR Alawiye Sulaimon O. - Best Solution: Investment in Skill Acquisition and Vocational Studies
  5. AMBASSADOR AYANFEOLUWA ABIKOYE - Innovative Strategies On Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment In The Nigeria Economy
  6. AMBASSADOR BABALOLA ABIMBOLA - Entrepreneurship: A way to alleviate Poverty and reduce Unemployment in Nigeria
  7. AMBASSADOR BELLO ABDULAZEEZ - Skills Acquisition: Poverty & Unemployment Reduction in Nigeria
  8. AMBASSADOR CHUKWUKA PHILIP - Hunger: Hunger In Our Community
  9. AMBASSADOR DORCAS JESSICA: Youth Unemployment And Underemployment In Ibadan 
  10. AMBASSADOR MOHAMMED - Poverty Reduction In Inye, Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State 
  11. AMBASSADOR OLOFINSAO TOSIN - Agribusiness: A Pathway to Poverty Alleviation
  12. AMBASSADOR OLUYOMI JOHN TAIWO - "Nigeria Is Still A Virgin”
  13. AMBASSADOR OWODUNNI AMINAT: Alleviating Poverty and Unemployment In The Nigerian Economy
  14. AMBASSADOR POPOOLA OLADAYO - The Emergence of Soil Revolution
Watch out for this innovative heroes as they will shake the world positively.

Aims & Objectives:

The aims and objectives of this cause is to create a sense of belonging for all Nigerian youths by enabling them to pitch their ideas and showcase the little God has deposited in them to contribute to the sustainable development goal. This will also promote youth engagement in youthful activities and good governance as it will avail opportunities for all good desiring youths to thrive and make the best out of their potentials.

How to engage in this Challenge? 

Please check back on the 16th of July to get full update on how you can be part of this innovative challenge;

Also connect with us on our social media handles by following us on twitter, instagram, facebook etc.
To do this, follow Nicareer Initiatives on

Twitter: @Nicareer_Dev
Instagram: @Nicareer_Dev
Facebook: @Nicareer Initiatives etc.

You can also find us on Google+ and Linkedin, If you don't have an account with this social networking platforms yet, try as do so by signing up to create a new account as registration is totally free.

To be part of this trending history today;
Drop your email below to keep in touch with us and get more updates on our upcoming events and opportunities. 

Thank you for considering Nicareer Initiatives.
Together we can build a better Nigeria.

God Bless Nicareer Initiatives
God Bless Nigeria.

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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.


  1. Whao! I am stunned! God bless Nicareer. God bless Nigeria.

  2. Adesanya Dele AkinJuly 10, 2017 at 8:01 PM

    @ Ambassador 2 above (My name is Adesanya Dele Akin) not Adesanya Adewale. The same mistake was written on my badge. God bless you as you effect the correction sir.

    1. Nice Job, fellow ambassador. Really salute your greatness. Can't wait to meet all the fellow ambassadors someday very soon.

  3. Wow. Thank you. I'm so honored to be a part of this innovative challenge

  4. so glad to be among the successful ambassadors..Cant wait to 16th July, 2017. Congrat to the great Alleviators..together we shall make Nigeria a better nation. I LOVE NICAREER..I LOVE NIGERIA.

  5. A welcome development.A good leader MUST be a good servant hence, i think this will serve as a great opportunity for me to fulfill my purpose of coming to this world by the grace of God.I humbly await the kick off date as it come soonest.Together we can change our communityies.

  6. I am stunted! It can only be God to be the first on the list, long live Nicareer long live Nigeria.


    A group with four ambassadors already. We are inviting other ambassador to join. Let's have a platform to share ideas and our great minds. God bless Nicareer. God bless Nigeria.

  8. Together we can make it better, God bless Nigeria.

  9. Thank you alot for this opportunity, am honoured, I will try my possible best to bring glory to NICAREER, YOUTH and NIGERIA.
    Tosin Olofinsao

  10. I thank God to be part of this highly competitive programme,up NICAREER ,up NIGERIA. Together we can build the true Nigeria.

  11. Wow great, I was only told by a friend to read this,sir keep it up



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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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