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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making Life Better For All Nigerians"

Category: Agribusiness
TopicAgribusiness - A Pathway to Poverty Alleviation
Focus Area/Coverage: Ekiti State, Nigeria


Ambassador Olofinsao Tosin

About Me:

Redeeming our people from the poverty bracket and strengthen the economic and inclusive should be the concerned of everyone. I am a graduate of Agricultural Economics and Extension with second class upper division from Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, I also own a Master degree in Agricultural Economics from the same university with 71 points. Moving ahead from my academic qualifications, I own professional certificates in project management and R-Analysis. I have been in the field of Agriculture for over 10 years, even before my admission into the University, after my first degree I have been consulting for farms some of which are; I-Farms Ltd., Green world farms and BabmoteIntegrated farm.
I have chosen to be an Ambassador with Nicareer in my community because I realize that they have a focus towards empowering the youths, which is what I have been clamoring for in this country. The empowerment tends to equip the younger generation with useful resources to better their lives and improve their standard of living. 


Agribusinesses are activities ranging from production of agriculture produce to processing and packaging and distribution to the final consumers of the produce/product. All these activities are economic empowerment ventures as they tend to provide the people involved in them earnings which they need to live a good and basic life (food, clothing and shelter). A recent study by one of my colleagues: Alex Ogundare, who studied profitability in Micro, Small and Medium Agribusiness enterprises, noted that the benefit-cost ratio for Agribusiness enterprises in Southwest, Nigeria is 3.6, which show they are very viable ventures. The production of crops like maize, cowpea, watermelon, yam; and of animals like snails, fishes, poultry birds, needed little capital to start and a high return after the production season. Processing of produce helps to quicken the value chain process, which is a global trend in agriculture. Also, the distribution and sales of the produces/products are poverty alleviating ventures.
Ekiti State, Nigeria is an agrarian state. The State is mainly an upland zone, rising over 250 meters above sea level. It lies on an area underlain by metamorphic rock. The State enjoys tropical climate with two distinct seasons. These are the rainy season (April–October) and the dry season (November–March). Temperature ranges between 21° and 28 °C with high humidity.The total area is 6,353 km2 and has a population of 2,737,186.

Statement of the Challenges:

The soil and climatic environments are friendly for agricultural practices. The citizens are known for growing crops especially yam and cocoa, so introducing programmes targeted at empowering youths through agriculture should not be a major constraint. I have worked in sensitizing the youth into going into agriculture, they agreed with my points and plea, but advocated that the prevailing problems militating against agriculture in the state have not abated; some of the factors are start-up capital, cattle rearers and other unfriendly situations.
Though, the state is an agrarian state, most of the citizens rely on the government for their survival and livelihood, but there have been recession in the state and the nation which has been the cause of irregular salaries. This situation has left the people helpless and would embrace any productive intervention.

Recommended Solution:

These problems facing the people of Ekiti State can be abated when programmes targeted at reducing this menace of poverty are started and monitored. One of the programmes is Agribusiness. Sensitization of the youths toward agriculture should be done; resources (land, capital) should be released for effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, Nicareer should liaise with Bank of Agriculture (BOA) and other related agencies for effective loans and subsidies packages that will suit economic and inclusive growth in the programmes.
Agribusiness has a lot of potentials which are massive and endless, some I have discussed earlier. Others are improvement of production efficiencies, strengthen food security, job creation, and increase governmental revenue, among others.


Poverty alleviation programme  is not a child’s play and should not be left on a paper work, but should executed and monitored for the desired result(s). I therefore, extend my plea to the leaders (local government, state and national) to endeavor to begin and support programmes targeted at lessen the poverty in the state and country. 

Feel free to make your contributions (positive and negative), and also share the link.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ambassador Tosin Olofinsao

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  1. Hello friends, please vote for me, No 11- AMBASSADOR OLOFINSAO TOSIN - Agribusiness: A Pathway to Poverty Alleviation. Agribusiness holds the answer to poverty alleviation. Thank you. One Love



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