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Sunday, May 28, 2017

E-Rally Innovative Challenge for a Better Nigeria #June4Naija

Theme: Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy.

Tag line: "Making June Better For All Nigerians"

STARTING DATE: 1st of June, 2017
ENDING ON: Till Further Notice
TARGET AUDIENCE/ LOCATION: Nigerians (Worldwide)


The Nicareer Initiatives in collaboration with the Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA), hereby announce a call for participation in the E-Rally Innovative Challenge for a Better Nigeria which was tagged "Making June Better For All Nigerians" #June4Naija. This e-rally is a youth-led cause that's aimed at mobilising young people aged 15-35 as leading force to combat with socio-economic vices in the country by taking one of the social problems as a case study themed "Alleviating Poverty & Unemployment in the Nigeria Economy".

About the Programme:

The #June4Naija innovative challenge was jointly organized by the Nicareer Initiatives Nigeria in conjunction with the Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA). This innovation is the first and the best of it kinds as it was majorly designed to alleviate the long suffering of masses through engaging all Nigerian citizens, both in home and abroad especially the young people in supporting the united nation empowerment programmes by;

J: Joining + the
U: United
N: Nation
E: Empowerment network for a better Nigeria.

Hash tag: #June4Naija

Aims & Objectives:

The Nicareer Initiatives in conjuction with the ANA worldwide aims to champion this cause to support the united nation agenda and sustainable development goals (SDGs) in our dear nation by;

  • Mobilizing young people especially the most vulnerable ones for a youth-led movement to develop, implement and promote youth advocacy in the society
  • Dominating the internet with the voice of Nigerians over a variety of problems facing the masses in order to yield maximum economic benefits
  • Providing an interactive platform for Nigerian energetic youths to be more productive, socially responsive and self-reliant.

Who Should Participate in this Rally?

All patriotic and good citizen of Nigeria are expected to participate in this online innovative challenge as we are all part of the suffering in one way or the other, so we must all be part of the solution in making Nigeria a better place. Therefore if you truly desire to see the positive change we have all clamoured for, we must all accept it as our individual responsibility to participate in this challenge as we all have a major role to play in making our beloved country greater and better.

How To Participate?

To participate in this innovative challenge;

You can connect with us on our social network handles by following us on twitter, instagram, facebook etc.

To do this, follow Nicareer Initiatives on:

Twitter: @Nicareer_Dev
Instagram: @Nicareer_Dev
Facebook: @Nicareer Initiatives etc.

You can also find us on Google+ and Linkedin, If you don't have an account with this social networking platforms yet, please try and ensure you do so to be able to participate in this challenge.

We encourage you to commit your best to this challenge as it will give you the chance to be considered for our upcoming events and opportunities and also provide you the avenue to contribute to good governance in Nigeria.

Don't just read and ignore, together we can build a better Nigeria, 

Little efforts can make the change, Be youthful today.

God Bless Nigeria

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Nicareer Initiatives: Committed to Positive Change & Development


Contact Address: 186 Langdon Farm, Cir, Odenton, Maryland 21113, United States.


  1. Skill Acquisition is the key to reduce high level of poverty and unemployment rate in Nigeria. The contribution of Skill Acquisition and training on unemployment reduction through youth empowerment and social welfare service improvement will be much significant if encouraged at all the level in the state especially at local and community level. Acquisition of vocational skills lead to a significant reduction of poverty among young adults who participated on skills acquisition programmes. Because Nigeria is fast becoming a predominantly youthful society with high rate of unemployment, it requires training the youth in entrepreneurship skills in technical vocational education and training to tackle unemployment which has reached alarming proportions.

  2. Farming is a good business and there are many species and varieties that youths may plant to have a good fortune for their lives. I started to farm being that it goes in line with my passion and i am also a manager in one horticultural garden in Ogun State. I believe that the Federal Government of Nigeria will consolidate the efforts of Agricultural stakeholders in order to limit the economy dependence on crude oil. Now, i can grow flowers, plant grasses and served with the knowledge of putting seeds, stems and suckers into the soil. The experience is exciting, though time demanding. Nevertheless, going into farming is a good way forward for Nigeria youth to be self independence. I have started my journey on this field in my hometown, Oru-Ijebu; Ogun State. But i desire to expand the boarders that i started with. Long live, Nicareer initiative - long live Nigeria.



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#NICAREER INITIATIVES: Committed to Positive Change & Development.

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