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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Better Life Opportunity for Blacks Living in Abroad (BLOBLA)

Category: Global Exchange Opportunities 
Available : Limited slots available (Open to all blacks or Africans worldwide both Skilled and Unskilled)  
New Schedules (Deadline Extended):
Application Now Opens: March. 15th, 2017.
Early Application Deadline: April. 15th, 2017
Late Application Deadline: April. 30th, 2017.

Note: Application will be judged on first come first serve basis, so in order to be considered for the earlier job placement to fill the current vacant positions by April, 2017, please endeavour to fill the application form below before the early deadline to book or reserve a slot. Meanwhile late deadline applications will also be considered.

Programme Details:

Currently, the white countries is more or less an hell to most Nigerians and Africans in general that are living, working and studying in the abroad due to the fact that the present situation  under the turture of recession do not serves favourable to majority of africans or black immigrants. This issue has lead to racism wisha has even extend to Libya where all our fellow Nigerians are being maltreated, tortured and killed like rats everyday. Having observed this, Nicareer is set to take up this challenge and put an end to this suffering as majority of blacks or Africans living and working in abroad are facing discriminatory problems and racial issues in getting the job of their dream which has caused a great low esteem to most Africans to be under-employed i.e being in a situation whereby the potentialities of a worker are not fully appreciated but are under-utilized.

So, in order to cub this act that co-existed between the whites and blacks in the global labour market, BLOBLA is here to blow off the worries and reduce the sufferings of black people by applying constituted measures to secure the life of our people and create an enabling platform to link them with the rightful opportunities that would effect their lives for good.   
BLOBLA offers better life opportunities to Africans across the globe, via a global exchange programme that would provide answers to the need of resident/work permit, job offers, internships programmes and many more opportunities. All these are aimed to be achievable by introducing collaborations with national authorities, embassies, international investors and industrial professionals in the global development race to create a better working and comfortable studying experience for everyone in the black visual form in order to you enjoy the true beauty of living and working in abroad.   

Qualification Required:   

Non restricted; this opportunity is opened to all blacks or Africans worldwide living, working or studying in abroad either Skilled or Unskilled.   

How to apply:  

All interested applicant should visit the link below now to apply and reserve a slot.   

Apply Now
Note: All applications must be received on/before 30th of April, 2017. Only the shortlisted candidates will be reached.

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